Small Town Security Enters its Third Season

Small Town SecurityWe don’t always obsess over government scandals and public records databases around here. We also watch our share of television shows. One show I have recently gotten into is “Small Town Security”, which is a reality show filmed in north Georgia. The stars of the show are a small group of people who are close enough to be like family although only two of them are (married).

The show is broadcast every Tuesday evening on the AMC cable network and it follows the headquarters team through their business and personal lives as they manage a security firm. The firm hires out guards for many local businesses in Ringgold and Atlanta.

Ringgold is right next to Chattanooga and I guess it’s up in the mountains. The town looks pretty big on the show but I couldn’t tell you how many people live there. We watched the promo for the third season and then started catching up on past episodes. Now we’re into season three and we’re liking it. These people are not embarrassed to show you who they really are.

What is great about the show is that it’s not a bunch of women screaming at each other and it’s not a bunch of geeks pretending to be superheroes. It’s just ordinary people coping with the stresses of everyday small town life.

Here is the season three promo for you to watch. It’s obvious they have a twisted sense of humor since I am pretty sure it was almost entirely filmed in Georgia.