Network is part of a small network of Websites. Here are a few other sites available in the network. We encourage you to visit them.

Reflective Dynamics
Reflective Dynamics offers turnkey Website production and search engine optimization services. Founded by Randy Ray and Michael Martinez in 2012, Reflective Dynamics has established itself as a major player in the fledgling reflective marketing industry. If your Websites have lost traffic because you were being too aggressive by Google’s rules, Reflective Dynamics can help you build organic traffic in a search-friendly way that does not rely solely on search engines.

Be sure to read the great advice on the Reflective Dynamics Blog that Randy and Michael share freely.

Background Records Blog
The Background Records Blog became the new home for our extensive article archive when we wanted to redesign the Website but did not have enough time to dig deep into the old site’s issues. Now you can read all the great background record and online research advice we have to share in a friendly magazine-style Website.

Records Background on Twitter
The Records Background account on Twitter was originally created to help promote this Website. We updated it to promote the Background Records Blog instead when we moved our article archive to the new domain. Still, you’ll be able to find occasional references to this older site in our Twitter feed.

Records Background Net
Similar to the Background Records Blog above, Records Background Net is a sister site that publishes useful information about public records search, criminal background checks, personal information, and more.

SEO Theory
You may have heard of Michael Martinez if you are familiar with search engine optimization. Michael is the world’s leading expert on search engine optimization theory and he is the principal author for the SEO Theory Blog. Michael has been building and promoting Websites since 1996. He has been practicing search engine optimization since 1998 and he has been writing about search engine optimization theory since 2005. SEO Theory also features a special Recommended SEO Consultants Directory where you can browse micro-biographies of some of the best SEOs in the world.