NSA Debunks Edward Snowden Lies in TED Presentation

nsa-richard-ledgettEdward Snowden continues to wage his campaign of lies and propaganda by appearing through video technology at popular conferences like South by Southwest and TED. His surprise appearance at TED elicited a response from the National Security Agency.

Whereas Mr. Snowden continues to misrepresent his actions as whistleblowing (the most recent revelations about foreign espionage operations cannot on any level be described as protecting American citizens’ rights and privacy), the National Security Agency remains hobbled by legal requirements to not fully disclose their missions and objectives.

Many gullible people have fallen for Snowden’s propaganda. But the NSA is now beginning to respond publicly to the criticisms leveled at the agency and the United States government.

Here is the presentation by NSA spokesperson Richard Ledgett. He may not be as articulate as someone who has rehearsed a lie quite so often as Edward Snowden but if you listen carefully you’ll hear some of the truths that Glenn Greenwald and other anarchists have been trying to destroy.