Articles on How to Find Court Records

The Background Records Blog has an entire dedicated section for articles about court records. If you have never searched court records before you may be daunted by the complexity of the system. As a leader in the Information Age the United States has a long way to go in developing a comprehensive court records database.

Our writers have research topics such as How to Obtain Telephone Records in a Divorce. No one wants to see a marriage come to an end and any marriage that ends with people needing to see telephone records must have been an unhappy one. Still, we’re not trying to judge people — we just want to help as much as we can.

Another article included under “Court Records” is How to Find Adopted Family Members. Our public adoption system is kind of crazy because it is designed to protect people’s privacy; one reason why adoptees may need to know who their birth parents were, however, is that they may have inherited some sort of illness their parents did not know about or report when the children were put up for adoption.

Another very basic article explains How to Find Court Records. This is a pretty good introduction to learning how to navigate the complex system of databases that confront you when you search government records.

And here is another article that explains How to Get Cell Phone Records. You may need to track down cell phone records for a number of civil law reasons. Cell phones are complex devices, these days, and we may soon have more laws and regulations governing what information can be shared about them. For example, there are many Websites that offer to sell you information about cell phone numbers. How reliable are those sites? We can’t always be sure.