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If you like to search for people online but are not sure if you are doing it right, the Background Records Blog offers the following articles to help you conduct online searches for friends, relatives, and acquaintances. However, you should be careful about believing everything you find online — especially if you are researching a job applicant’s background. It is an unfortunate circumstance today that some malicious people build toxic Websites as part of poison pen campaigns to hurt other people’s reputations. Just because you read an accusation about someone on the Internet does not mean it is true.

How to Find People Online
Finding people online is how most people locate old friends, lovers and acquaintances these days. With a few selected online people finders, just about anyone in the world can be located, if you spend a little time. Even better, you can usually find the person for free. Here are some free online researches to use while learning how to find people online.
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How To Find People on Facebook
People of any age can learn to find people on Facebook. Unlike today’s younger generation, not everyone grew up with computers in their home, so if you became an adult before 1995 to 1998, your tech skills may or may not be inadequate to get online and search for people on the Internet. I was born into the last generation of people before computers, laptops and iPods were commonplace, everyday items, but social network applications like make it easy to locate and make contact with old friends.

I say all this because Facebook seems to be the social networking app for the crowd over 35. That’s because Facebooking makes it so easy to find old friends and network from there. Once you meet one or two acquaintances on their website, you’ll find it easy to have an ever-growing network of old friends and contacts.
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Guide to Finding People on Myspace
Figuring out how to find people on Myspace isn’t much different than finding people on other social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook. “My Space” was once the hot new social network site on the Internet and the site was bought by Google for a billion dollars. Myspace, which was originally designed to help promote musical bands, became a favorite networking tool of the younger generation in the early 2000s.

These days, after Twitter and Facebook have shoved their way into the social networking mainstream, you don’t hear as much about Myspace as you once did. But the site has one of the largest user demographic of any social network website online, so it’s still a great tool for finding old friends and new. Here’s how you go about searching for someone on Myspace.
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Searching for People on Twitter
Twitter is the latest, greatest social networking website, so figuring out how to find people on Twitter is one of the way online searchers keep up with the times. Twitter is meant to let you find people with similar interests and keep in contact with them through short, pithy posts. For that reason, using Twitter to find people should be easy.

I’ve found easier ways to social network than Twitter if I’m trying to find a specific person, but Twitter is great for meeting new friends with similar interests. Since most people reading this blog are looking to find specific people and information and are less interested in serendipity, I’ve decided to give a guide for finding people on Twitter, along with a general Twitter guide.
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Finding People on Microsoft Bing
You can find people using Bing, the official Microsoft search egine and formerly known as “Live Search”, “Windows Live Search” and “MSN Search”, with a variety of online search tools. Though you may be unfamiliar with “Bing”, the site has been around since late 1998 and is one of the three largest English language search engines on the planet.

This is the third in our continuing series of articles on how to find people using search engines, specifically focuses on the big three American search engines of the moment: Google, Yahoo and Bing. While Bing may not sound like such a hot property, you probably better knew it when Bing was called MSN Dotcom. I guess Microsoft, which owns and markets Bing, decided that the key to online success as a search engine was to have a snappy, more-or-less nonsense name like “Google” or “Yahoo”. So MSN is now “Bing”.
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Searching for People on Google
Use your knowledge of how to find people using Google for most of your people searches, since it’s one of the two or three best ways on the Internet to find old friends, acquaintances and new contacts. There are situations where Yahoo Search is better, but Googling a person is done more times each day than any other kind of online searching.

Google People

To begin with, a good place to start finding people with Google is at their homepage. Searching is simply a matter of placing a person’s name in a quotation marks and clicking “Google It”. For example, typing “Jane Smith” brings back all the examples of Jane Smith on the net. Remember, the quotation marks means these are examples were “Jane” follows “Smith”, so it narrows down the search somewhat.
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Finding People Through Yahoo!
I thought we would show you how to find people using Yahoo, after our post yesterday about “How to Find People Using Google”. Yahoo, as Google’s #1 competitor for online English-language searches, has a full range of search options that are quite similar to the Googling giant. While I probably use Google more for searches, there are some function Yahoo is still the master at. (Example: I love Google Answers and Google Movies.)

But we’re talking about how to search for people using Yahoo, so let’s get right to the sites that will help you find your lost friends, old college buddies or (you know what I’m talking about) ex-girlfriends or boyfriends. We’ll start with the basic Yahoo search engine, and then move on from there.
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Searching for people through Web search engines is often easy but sometimes the process is unsatisfactory. Some people don’t provide much information about themselves on the Internet. You cannot always rely on the major search engines to help you find people. Still, these are pretty useful articles.