Articles about Criminal Records and Criminal Record Search

Here is a small collection of articles we have published on the Background Records Blog that deal with criminal records, searching for criminal background information, and such.

How To Find a County Arrest Record
County arrest records are public records detailing the arrest history of anyone arrested in a particular county. Many counties these days are transferring their criminal archives to the Internet, making it easier to find the legal history of anyone living in your town or city than it ever has been before.

It used to be that you had to make a trip to the county judge’s court and search through the court records, which you still might have to do, if you live in an outlying area or your court system isn’t forward thinking enough to have moved their county court records online. Most county clerks use computers these days, so most current arrests are naturally going into their computer arrest files.

With all that in mind, here’s a how to guide for finding county arrests records for free with your computer. Later, I’ll include advice for accessing criminal histories the old-fashioned way, too
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Searching Criminal Databases
A criminal database is a central archive of criminal data which can include arrest and/or conviction records of misdemeanors or felonies for crimes committed within a certain region.

You can find U.S. Federal criminal databases, state criminal databases and even local crime files. Besides arrest records, the FBI, Armed Forces and numerous other government agencies have fugitive databases.
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Searching Criminal Records and Backgrounds
A criminal record background search seeks to learn the history of arrests, indictments and convictions for an individual living within a particular jurisdiction. These jurisdictions and the courts they appear before might be on the municipal, county, state or federal level.

Since the Federal Freedom of Information Act made certain that most U.S. government records are open to the public, there have been FOI laws enacted in many states and cities across America.
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Search Criminal Backgrounds for Free
A free criminal background check can be researched online without subscribing to a records checking service or website. To help you learn which records sites to search on the Internet, while learning a few techniques for free online criminal background checking, I’m going to provide you with a “best of” our records and backgrounds blog.

We’ve actually covered this topic in some detail. If you check backgrounds on new employees or interviewees for your business, or if you suspect your neighbor or new boyfriend of a crime and you don’t want to pay to learn the truth, just follow the how-to’s we’ve blogged about and you should be able to live secure in the knowledge you don’t have to spend your days with a lawbreaker.
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Searching State Criminal Records
State criminal records can follow you around a long time, if you have a history of arrests in a state. Even a minor arrest might remain on your record for 7 years, or even longer in certain jurisdictions. Many misdemeanors can be expunged from your state public criminal records, but you’re going to have to take the initiative in the expungement process.

Below is a discussion of how to learn what your criminal history looks like, how to research whether some part of your criminal profile might be removed from the state records and how to go about having those annoying arrest reports removed from your state criminal record.
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